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Attend an upcoming Connection Class! This is a one-hour interactive session designed to help you get to know Christ's Church while equipping you to connect with God, with others and with the Christ’s Church family. It is our hope that through this class you will learn how to grow spiritually as we share how we go about “making disciples, more disciples and better disciples” for Christ. You’ll also discover what your next steps are and how to connect with others just like you, traveling down the similar road in life. 

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Mandarin Campus

Fleming Island Campus

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Connect to Christ's Church Groups

Connect to Christ's Church Groups are a 5-week small group that follow the Connect to Christ's Church Class.

Upcoming Group Dates:

Our Connect to Christ's Church Groups:

  • Help you understand the mission of making more and better disciples here at Christ's Church
  • Follow the Connect to Christ's Church Class and explains in great detail our strategy of Connect-Grow-Serve
  • Are a 5-week small group that meet on Sunday mornings for one hour led by key volunteers
  • Provide a spiritual springboard for your life, no matter where you are in your walk with Christ
  • Incorporate Daily Devotions to help you grow in Christ
  • Give you an opportunity to identify your Gifts-Passions-Skills for building His Kingdom
  • Close with a one-on-one time with a Spiritual Guide walking you through your own Personal Discipleship Path