Spain Missions Trip (Adult)


Team Expansion

Date: September 7-14, 2019

Team size: 20 people

Estimated Cost: $2750

Description: Team members will serve in the community and at a soccer clinic in Granada.

Questions? Contact Beth McQueen at: Outreach@Christs.Church or (904) 886-3977

Trip Type:

Culture Exposure

Just as each person is unique, each culture is unique. It’s the beauty of how God made us. Therefore, during the trip, we will spend a significant amount of time learning about and diving into the culture.


Team members will walk alongside the local partners in sharing the Good News, which is our hope in Jesus Christ. This could be done through in-house visits, public speaking, or through a simple conversation with one of the locals.

Partner Care

Our aim is to come alongside our local partners to serve them in whatever way necessary. This could vary from simply having dinner with the locals, providing encouraging words, listening, and praying together.

Daniel Decker