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CC Kids

CC Kids

Nursery: Birth - 2 Years

Rocking babies, stacking blocks, singing and clapping, showing God’s love to little ones….that’s the Nursery at CC. We provide a safe and healthy environment for babies and toddlers and help them learn that “God made me,” “God loves me,” and “Jesus wants to be my friend forever.” Tremendous love and nurturing goes into the care given in our nursery. We offer fully-staffed and equipped nurseries during each worship service on both campuses. Our nursery serves children birth through 2 years of age.

For more information, contact:
Mandarin Campus: Phyllis Brown via email or call 904.886.3976
Fleming Island Campus: Christina Spaulding by email or call at 904.644.0312

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is designed to reach out to expectant mothers and fathers. Our Nursery Team hosts quarterly receptions to help introduce expectant mothers and fathers to others who are also experiencing this very special time of life. It is our desire to provide information and support through a Prayer Partner program, devotional articles and various other programs offered at Christ's Church.

For more information, contact:
Phyllis Brown via email or call 904.886.3976

Mother's Morning Out (Mandarin Campus Only)

Our Mother's Morning Out program offers moms with children between the ages of 12 months - 2 years, a chance to go to the gym, the grocery store, the doctor, or just have some quiet time without the kids. Mother's Morning Out operates every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year from 9:15am to 12:15pm at the Mandarin Campus.

For more information about Mother's Morning Out, call 904.886.3962.


Child dedication is a memorable moment for every parent as they stand before their church and commit to leading their child in a way that honors the Lord. Our child dedication ceremony is not a statement of salvation for your child, but is rather a statement about the way you are committing to raise your child. Dedicating your child is an outward symbol (similar to the wearing of a wedding band) of your desire to walk in obedience as you raise your child in the knowledge and instruction of the Lord. One of the key elements of our Child Dedication are the classes that precede the celebration.  During these two one-hour classes we will discuss the importance of intentionality and modeling as well as provide simple tools to help you as you train your child in the faith.

Preschool: Ages 3 & 4

Our preschool Small Group and Large Group environments are designed for children ages three and four years to learn about God and His love for them in fun and adventurous ways! To do this, we teach our preschoolers three basic truths::

God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

For more information, please contact:
Mandarin Campus - Sherri Clark via email or phone at 904.886.3975
Fleming Island Campus - Christina Spaulding by email or call at 904.644.0312

Elementary: K - 4th Grade

Saturdays at 5:00pm at CC Mandarin

Sundays at 9:30am & 11:00am at Both Campuses

Our CCKids programming is an intentionally designed experience for K-4th grade students.  Every service consists of small groups and a master teaching time. We believe children will thrive in this fun, high energy atmosphere, as they dive into God’s Word. 

Sundays at 11:00am at CC Mandarin

Our CCKids In Action class is designed for K – 4th grade students who attend programming consistently and desire to explore God’s Word on a deeper level. You must attend the 9:30am service to be a part of this special class which is offered only during the 11am service.

For questions contact:
Mandarin Campus - Sherri Clark by email or phone 904.886.3975.
Fleming Island Campus - Caleb Wheeler by email or phone 904.644.0311.