Leigh Ann’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for the grace you’ve given us. Even when we fall into thoughts of despair, after being confronted with sin and shame, You are still loving us.  In this psalm, you remind us that Your favor lasts a lifetime, that you find no gain, no delight in seeing us destroyed by our sin.  We know that though our sin grieves and angers You BUT Your anger does not last forever. And You don’t just forgive our sin, You desire to turn mourning into joyful dancing, to peel away our clothes of mourning to clothe us with joy.

Thank You for Your incredible mercy.  We don’t take for granted the high cost You’ve paid on the cross to bring us out of the depths, and save us from the grave. What a good and forgiving God You are. Help us put our hope in You alone, that there is no greater security than resting in Your love and favor upon our lives. Amen.