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Series beginning October 11/ 14.

It seems like civil conversations are a thing of the past. No one wants to listen. No one wants to compromise. Everybody is just yelling louder. So how do we talk with someone about cultures most sensitive issues? How can we make sure our message of HOPE doesn’t get drowned out by false assumptions, good intentions and mis-information? How can difficult conversations bring people together and not divide them? So many people are trying to change the world one mass tweet at a time, when what changes the world are conversations. We’re going to explore the challenge the church faces as we are called to let our conversations be always full of grace and seasoned with salt.

Series Key Verse: Colossians 4:2-6

Service Times:
Thursday at 6:30pm (Mandarin Campus)
Sunday at 9:30am & 11am (All Campuses)

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Week 1 - Oct 14 - (All Campuses)
  • Week 1 - Oct 14 - (All Campuses)
  • Week 2 - Oct 21 - (Mandarin, St. Aug, River City)
  • Week 2 - Oct 21 - (Fleming Island)

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