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Deep inside every one of us is a longing… a soul level, deep, deep need that we want, we desperately need, God to respond to. Unfortunately we often keep that need to ourselves and bottle up our desires only to become frustrated and even sometimes angry with God for remaining silent. However, there is point where we can no longer contain the cry and it bursts from our soul and explodes to the heavens with the hope that God will respond. Through this series and season of fasting & prayer we are going to study a prevalent pattern of prayer in scripture where God’s children cry out to Him in their desperation, seeking His response. God is a good Father who wants to know our deepest needs, fears and desires so he can give amazing gifts to His children. Join us for an authentic, raw and honest conversation that will change your prayer life forever.

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Begining January 4

Week 1 - Jan 7 (All Campuses)
  • Week 1 - Jan 7 (All Campuses)
  • Week 2 - Jan 14 (Mandarin, St. Aug, River City)
  • Week 2 - Jan 14 (Fleming Island)

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