We’re willing to try just about anything to achieve the life we know God has in store for us. We pay insane amounts of money for books, coaches and seminars that promise to reveal the secret strategies of success. What if the solution isn’t that complicated? What if God’s supernatural intervention is already within our grasp? What if there is already a formula for finding God's favor in our lives? Hint: There is and it's exactly what we're going to uncover during this new teaching series at Christ's Church in January. Join us as we kick-off the New Year on the journey to becoming everything that God created us to be.

Join us for the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting www.Christs.Church/Fast

Week 2 replay of the FAVOR series at Christ's Church with Pastor Jason Cullum. www.Christs.Church
Week 2 replay of the FAVOR series at Christ's Church Fleming Island Campus. www.Christs.Church
Message replay from 1/20/19 at Christ's Church. www.Christs.Church
Week 3 Message from CC Fleming Island for the FAVOR series. www.christs.church
Week 4 of the FAVOR series at Christ's Church. www.christs.church
Week 4 message replay of the FAVOR series from CC Fleming Island. www.christs.church
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