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We unleash compassion here in our own community to serve those around us.


We are excited that you are interested in serving in the prison ministry. There are many serving opportunities to choose from, administrative, prayer partners, encouragement cards, hosts, group facilitators, etc. Many of these opportunities can be done at your home or church. If you are interested in going to any of the prisons you will need to fill out the Department of Corrections information card provided in this link to get approved to participate in the prisons. If you have further questions or want to get connected please contact us at PrisonMinistry@Christs.Church.


What began with Freedom Fest continues on every day. Together, we can free young women bound by human trafficking! It’s a huge, often “invisible” problem: domestic trafficking of young women… and it’s happening right here in Jacksonville to thousands of  women. Freedom Fest will not only help bring awareness to this necessary cause but also tangible actin to stop it. Right now, there are few places in the nation where young women can go to heal and rebuild their lives as they are rescued. They need aftercare in a safe place. Christ’s Church in partnership with Her Song and others are working to build one, here in Jacksonville.The “safe house” will provide a refuge where these exceptional young women can heal from the devastating effects of sexual exploitation, find the confidence to succeed and the courage to move forward. How you can help: 1) Contact Her Song to volunteer / support their needs 2) Give towards the creation of a "safe house" for these rescued women. Questions? Email us at Hello@Christs.Church


Serving Those that Serve Us
We are passionate about serving the military community and connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ. Learn more here.

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