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Join us for our new Thursday night service at 6:30pm at the Christ’s Church Mandarin Campus! This service will feature full programming, Birth through Middle School. It’s basically an identical service to Sunday morning.

Food is also available prior to service from onsite vendors and/or our Atrium Care.

For questions, contact us at Hello@Christs.Church

Note: Our last Saturday service will take place on September 2.

Current Message Series:

FORGED: A Study of the Book of James

What if you had the cure for a fatal disease and never used it? The cure would be useless. Just having the cure is not enough…it has to be put to use to be effective. The same thing applies to our faith. Without action, faith is useless. Active faith shapes our beliefs and actions. James heats things up and hammers home a powerful message; it’s not just what we believe but what we do with what we believe.

Together we will FORGE a strong, active faith!

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