Many people are looking for deep friendships and a group of people who will walk through the different phases of life with them. People who will encourage them and people who will learn with them how God’s Word applies to life. We do this in Neighborhood Groups…gathering of several people from all walks of life, hungry to thrive in life and make a difference in their communities.


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• What’s the difference between “small groups” and Neighborhood Groups? Neighborhood Groups are held in your neighborhood connecting with all ages and all stages of life allowing you to minister to each other in unique ways regularly based on the fact that you do life together in a common place. The opposite of affinity groups. (similar interests)

• What do we study? Groups will be provided relevant questions that are scripturally based to study for each session. By supplying this curriculum groups will be on the same page, moving in the same direction, focused on the mission of Christ’s Church.

• Since curriculum is only supplied for a few sessions a year, what do we do for the remaining part of the year? “Neighborhoods” is not seasonal, it’s a lifestyle. With this in mind, in between sessions some groups check with their Neighborhood Pastor for additional studies. Other options are: helping your neighbors, having cookouts, service projects, holiday activities, and making other connections through life.

• What do we do about children in our Neighborhood Group? Most likely there will be families in your group that have children. Every group needs to work together to come up with mutually acceptable solutions for how they will handle children in their group. Group Leaders will have access to additional resources and ideas for children in groups. (Remember it’s 6-8 sessions for only 90 minutes)

• What if my house is too small? Too small is relative, but if it’s too tight then birth a new group by adding a “Host” home. God gives us everything we have to use for His glory.

• What if our house isn’t kid friendly? Mark 10:14 Jesus answers this best. HE said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these little children.”

• How many people should be in a group? Groups will vary in size, the important things to remember are: If your group is small in size don’t give up, gear up! If your group seems too large, remember they are never full, and it might be time to launch a new group. Neighborhoods goal is always to be reaching new Neighbors.

• How does “Neighborhoods” cover gender specific discussions and non co-ed discipleship? This is where T-Groups (non co-ed accountability) Transformation Groups are made. A T-Group is made up of three or four people committed to spiritual growth and personal accountability. The goal is to be more like Christ and make more disciples, better disciples.